Glen Ridge To Hold Vigil Against Racism Sunday

Gazebo in Glen Ridge Commons Wikimedia

Glen Ridge will hold a peaceful, socially-distant gathering/vigil against racism today (Sunday 5/31). Residents are encouraged to walk from their homes to the area near the gazebo at the Glen; Glen Ridge police will be stationed to cross residents safely over Bloomfield Ave at 4:30 pm. Masks and social distancing are required. Signs of peace and solidarity are welcome. The vigil will also be livestreamed on Facebook. Residents may also to stand in front of their homes with a candle light in solidarity.

A group of Montclair residents plan to walk as a feeder march to the Glen Ridge Vigil Against Racism. The group will gather at 4:15 pm at the corner of Highland and Bloomfield Aves. and start to walk over at 4:30 pm. This event is not organized by a specific group; all are invited.

Please wear masks and keep social distance.

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