Harmony Concert, A (Virtual) Benefit Concert Run By Teens and Tweens, Needs You!

Are you a tween or teen looking to make a difference this summer? In Harmony Montclair is organizing its 6th Annual Harmony Concert, a benefit concert run by and featuring tweens/teens. The concert will be streamed on July 16, 2020.

This year, In Harmony Montclair is raising money for S.O.F.I.A., a Montclair-based organization that supports victims of domestic violence. Due to the pandemic, victims face even more challenges and fears in seeking help.

In Harmony Montclair is seeking people to help produce the online concert. Some examples of ways you can participate include performing (vocalists, instrumentalists, spoken word, dancing), helping with publicity, submitting art and/or short films, being on the Social Media Team, and/or Video Team. Meetings will be held via Zoom — the next meeting is May 21.

If you are interested, please email inharmonymontclair@gmail.com for more information. Read more about Harmony Concert 2020 here.

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