It’s Official: Essex County Election Results Are Certified; Montclair Received Notification of Winners

Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin confirmed that the Montclair Municipal Election results have been certified.

Below are the official results of the 2020 Montclair Municipal Election, certified by the Essex County Clerk:

Mayor – Sean M. Spiller
Councilor-At-Large – Peter Yacobellis
Councilor-At-Large – Bob Russo
First Ward Councilor – William Hurlock
Second Ward Councilwoman – Robin Schlager
Third Ward Councilwoman – Lori Price Abrams
Fourth Ward Councilor – David Cummings

Municipal clerks throughout Essex County were notified of all winners of May 12 elections and sent certification of election results today at 1 p.m., said Durkin.

Durkin confirmed that the certified results for Montclair remain the same as the results released Friday evening, except they are now certified.

Over the weekend, the Clerk’s office worked to count all write-in ballots to complete the actual total vote tally for each municipality.

What about votes that came in after Thursday’s deadline?

They can’t be counted by law.

Governor Murphy, in his Executive Order 105 for the May 12 election, did not extend the existing deadline of 48 hours.

On Friday, Murphy signed Executive Order 120, that extends the return mail in date to seven days for the July primaries.

Durkin said that overall municipalities saw a better overall turnout with mail-in voting than in a like election that took place a year or four years ago.

There was a higher percent of rejected signatures (when a signature does not match the voter’s signature on record) and some issues concerning mail delivery.

If a citizen wants to take action in any municipality to challenge results or ask for a recount, the clock started today at 1 p.m.

“By law, you are not able to challenge election results or ask for a recount until an election has been certified,” Durkin explained.

Any votes that came in after the deadline are effectively quarantined.

“They are in the hands of election officials; all election materials are held for two years by law,” says Durkin.

These materials are available for review, in the event someone files for a recount, or makes a challenge.

A citizen has 15 days from Election Day to ask for recount or challenge through the State Superior court system, which means there are nine days left to challenge Montclair’s May 12 election.

Montclair’s newly elected council will be sworn in July 1.

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