Local Couple is Running #EverySingleStreet in Montclair to Raise Funds for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Steven’s detailed map of Montclair.

Steven Seighman loves animals, and that’s why he supports the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in its mission to rescue and care for farmed animals. To help raise funds to ensure the Sanctuary can continue supporting rescue efforts, Steven is running every street in Montclair during the month of May. Yes, every street — including avenues, courts, dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and everything in between.

Covering about 125 miles, Steven’s well-planned and colorful map of #EverySingleStreet in Montclair took a lot of careful detailing. He’s planning on running for 25 days starting on May 5th. Steven’s inspiration came from Rickey Gates, a cross-country runner and photographer who “spawned a movement around the world.” There are similar running projects in Clifton, Nutley, and Jersey City. Steven says, “I started this project as a way to explore my town a bit more. I run the same routes all the time, but there are so many cool places to see in Montclair. Doing this while I can’t travel anywhere else seemed like a great idea.”

Steven and Laura will be running #EverySingleStreet of Montclair during May.

Steven and his wife Laura will be running together five days a week, taking Mondays and Saturdays off, for about five miles a day. Part of the motivation is fitness. Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Steven had been training for his first marathon, but with his asthma he didn’t want to risk running outside when the pandemic first shut everything down. After five weeks of no running, he is eager to get back into the routine and his former fitness level. Steven and Laura plan on starting in Northeast Montclair, near MSU, working their way to Southwest Montclair, ending up around Rosedale Cemetery in early June.

Look for the pair on your Montclair street! Follow Steven and Laura’s progress virtually on Steven’s Instagram page and consider donating to the cause on his Fundraiser for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Facebook page.

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