Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Balance Boards, Grass Heads, and More

Weekend Family Fun (At Home) is sponsored by Kate McDonough.

Memorial Day Weekend is here! We’ve combed the internet for the best ideas for family fun to entertain everyone. Take a look at these ideas!

Springtime is the perfect time to create a flower craft that doubles as a science experiment. Using coffee filters, markers and water, kids will learn about the science of chromatography. Once the flowers are made, attach them to sticks and place them in a vase for a cute decoration.

Another activity perfect for spring are these adorable grass heads. Old tights are transformed into the head and grass is grown through the top to resemble hair. Each head can be decorated however the child likes. They’ll love watching their grass head’s hair grow and, once it’s long enough, they can give it a haircut!

The Get the Kids Moving Game is an excellent way to, you know, get the kids moving! Print out these templates and fold them into cubes. Roll the dice and watch the kids follow the activity that comes up. You could easily cover the printed activities and replace them with some of your own, too. It’s never the same game twice.

Memorial Day wouldn’t be the same without a beach ball, right? We couldn’t pick just one game from this list of 10 easy beach ball games. You can play these indoors or out and with one child or more. You can adapt them to suit your family’s needs.

Here’s another active one that is good for kids from preschool and up. This balance board is easy to make with items you likely have around the house or could easy pick up from a local store. Kids can practice their balancing skills. They may fall over a few times, but they’ll have fun in the process!

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