Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Celebrate Mom Concert, a Mother’s Day Craft and More

Weekend Family Fun (At Home) is sponsored by Kate McDonough.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! It should prove to be an interesting one with social distancing still going on and some unseasonably cold weather just to keep us all guessing. But here’s one thing you can count on: We will keep bringing you our roundup of fun, family-friendly activities you can enjoy at home this weekend and beyond.

Are you still getting plastic spoons with your takeout order, even when you tell the restaurant you don’t need them? Don’t throw them away! Instead, try this simple catapult craft that also uses rubber bands and popsicle sticks. This is easy enough for even little ones to help build and can certainly provide plenty of entertainment for kids of all ages. Have a contest to see how far your catapulted object goes or compare how different objects fly.

This is not your average paper airplane! Combine a straw (paper or plastic will work) and paper loops to create an easy craft that will be loads of fun. If you’d like to turn this into a science activity, this website gives suggestions for ways to alter the plane and guess how the outcome might change.

On Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Suzi Shelton and Park Slope Parents will be presenting a family music concert called “Celebrate Moms” to honor all the people who take care of us. There’s no cost to watch the concert, but donations will be accepted to support First Responders Children’s Foundation, which provides support to first responders and their families who are enduring financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. The virtual family concert will feature a variety of performers you’ve probably heard us mention before, including Suzi Shelton, Liz Joyce and A Couple of Puppets, Kira Willey, Vered, Katie HaHaHa, Jon Samson, Red Yarn, Mils Trills, Joanie Leeds, Sonia De Los Santos, Brady Rymer, 123 Andrés, Josh Lovelace, Tim Kubart, Randy Kaplan, and Little Miss Ann. The concert will stream live on Suzi Shelton’s Facebook page.

Friendship bracelets are so fun to make! There are so many different styles, not to mention the endless color combinations, that each one can be unique. Check out this tutorial for an easy bracelet even the younger kids can make.

This Tissue Paper Flower Pot is a perfect Mother’s Day craft. It’s fun for the kids and even though it says it’s for Mother’s Day, it’s absolutely something that can be made “just because.” Tissue paper and glue are used to decorate a ceramic pot – it’s that simple! And because of the way the tissue paper is arranged, there’s no wrong way to do it, making it perfect for little hands!


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