Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Space, Ice, Kites and More

Here we are, another weekend! As we continue to social distance, we have to keep finding new ways to keep the kiddies occupied. We’ve gathered up some of the best things on the internet to help you spend your time.

Lincoln Center’s Concerts for Kids series will feature 123 Andres on Sunday at 11:00 AM. Andres and Christina are a Latin Grammy-winning duo who perform songs in Spanish and English for a lively bilingual show.

The SpaceX launch of Falcon 9, originally scheduled for May 27, has been moved to Saturday at 3:22 PM. You can livestream the event here. Coverage will begin 4 hours before the launch time. If the launch must be delayed again due to weather or other circumstances, there will be another opportunity on Sunday at 3:00 PM. Tune in on Saturday to watch the coverage!

There’s nothing better than a craft that can be turned into an activity after it’s created, and this Simple Bird Kite is exactly that! Using construction paper and string, kids can easily put together the kite, decorate it however they choose, and then attach a string. When they run, the kite will take flight!

If the kids are bored of painting with just a brush, try out bubble painting. Mixing paint, water, and dish soap, then blowing bubbles into it with a straw is all it takes to make unique pictures. You can try layering different colors or pressing the paper onto the bubbles in multiple ways. It’s super easy and creates different results every time.


Melting ice is fun (come on, you know it is!), but finding prizes inside is extra fun. This ice block shark hunt takes a bit of time to set up, but it’s worth it. This blog instructs you to fill a tub partially with water and add some sharks. When that freezes, add more water and more sharks. You can add blue food coloring to the water to simulate an ocean look or add some glitter.  After the two shark layers are frozen, and one more layer of just water. When it’s a solid block, pop it out of the tub and let the kids squirt water on it or use salt to speed up the melting. If sharks aren’t what your kids are into, you can substitute anything that won’t get ruined in the water.


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