Congratulations to Montclair High School Robotics Team’s Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the Montclair High School Robotics Team!

During the last four years, the team has competed at States, Worlds and won a FRC Regional Competition last year in 2019 as well as the Judges Award.

The team has also organized and participated in many outreach events including The Robotics Petting Zoo, Coding nights, Middle school presentations, Succeed2Together and the Girl Scouts.

Team members: Alex, Spencer, Garrett, Gabe, Holly and Laura

Garrett Burroughs (Team Captain)
Theo Baum (Robot Project Manager)
Spencer Greenfield (CAD Lead)
Elias Pearlman (Electronics Lead)
Alex Gideon (Outreach Lead)
Holly Allen (Safety Lead)
Eliza Cant (Safety Lead)
Laura Kazdoba (Awards Lead)
Nikki Farrell (CAD)
Tyler Zellner (CAD)
Gabe Goldsteen (CAD)
Teo Suzuki (Branding)
Chris Damaskos (Mechanical)
Will Chu (Code)

The mission of the Montclair High School Robotics Team is to promote STEM in the community by teaching students in Montclair different skills learned by building and creating a robot. The team also works to promote the principles of FIRST such as gracious professionalism and cooperation within our team. They strive to create a safe, welcoming, supportive, and fun environment for all of our team members. Interest in STEM has declined over the years, especially in young women. The Montclair High School Robotics Team team aims to keep this interest alive. For more information, visit The Montclair High School Robotics Team.

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