Montclair NAACP Youth Council Boycotts Montclair Together Forum with MPD

The NAACP Youth Council will boycott the Montclair Together meeting with the Montclair NAACP and Blue Wave and the Montclair Police Department.

Genesis Whitlock, NAACP Youth Council of Montclair President and Shayla George, Vice President, released the following statement Tuesday:

Dear NAACP, Blue Wave, and all participants of Montclair Together;

The Montclair Branch of the NAACP Youth Council will not be participating in this forum today. Being that your initiatives can be taken without collaboration, we find the collaboration between the two groups to be a performative photo-op, that is unnecessary and inconsiderate during this time.

The Youth Council does not believe that now is the right time to be amplifying the voices of cops before young black individuals have an opportunity to fight for justice. Until there is an extensive discussion about the historic role police play to help perpetuate systemic racism there can be no “Montclair Together“.

The Youth Council adamantly condemns the treatment of Black people by police and are actively working to educate and raise awareness of the issue. An opportunity to engage in this discussion will take place, once the voices of young black individuals are heard.


Genesis Whitlock, President and Shayla George, Vice President
Montclair Branch NAACP Youth Council

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  1. These kids are on it. With all the fakeness we have seen over the years of so called activists in this town, this is SO refreshing!

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