Montclair Protests Murder of George Floyd, Stand in Solidarity with ‘Black Lives Matter’

You could hear a chorus of honk and cheers along Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair center Tuesday afternoon, as Montclair residents showed up to show their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest the murder of George Floyd.

Artist/photographer Armando Outthere Diaz was out there to capture it all, in photos.

“We disturbed the peace for a little while, but only with music, car horns and most importantly, passionate voices speaking to their pain and their love for the neighbors and fellow man,” Diaz writes.

Diaz, whose work has been featured at Clerestory Fine Art and is currently on display on South Fullerton Ave., as part of Fresh Air Montclair, says another peaceful protest will take place today (Wednesday) at 3:30pm.

“We hope that more of you will make your signs, throw on your masks and join us,” he says.

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