Montclair Sends Return To Work Memo, Now Requiring Employees to Wear Face Coverings in Township Buildings

Montclair Township employees received a COVID-19 Return to Work Plan Memo Thursday from Sharyn Matthews, director of human resources.

The memo states:

“We are beginning to see the spread of the coronavirus in New Jersey flatten. As a result, and in consultation with guidance published by the CDC, NJ Department of Health, and the Township Health Department, it has been decided that we can slowly and safely begin implementing return- to-work plans on a limited, case-by-case basis. We have outlined herein, guidelines, protocols, and policies to ensure a safe environment for all employees. The Township has selected July 6, 2020 as the date for our departments to begin bringing back employees to the workplace based on the staffing needs of each individual department. A date for the buildings to open to the general public has not yet been determined.”

The Township will require returning employees, who have not been working in their respective buildings, to view a video on keeping the workplace safe.

Increased cleaning will take place as all offices in each building will be thoroughly sanitized by a third-party vendor during the weekend prior to employees returning to work.

The memo also states that, due to “increasing evidence that some people with COVID-19 do not develop symptoms and that more widespread use of face coverings may reduce the spread of the virus by asymptomatic individuals, the Township has established a universal requirement that face coverings must be worn by anyone in a public or shared area of a Township building.”

The Township will be providing two (2) washable facemasks to every employee; employees may also bring their own face coverings.

“Wearing gloves will be optional. The only time it is acceptable to remove your face covering for extended periods of time indoors is when you are working at your own station/are in your own office, and when you are more than six (6) feet way from a colleague.”

The memo states there will also be temperature checks of all employees once daily.

    “Employees will be allowed to return to work the following day after being sent home with a fever as long as the employee is not exhibiting COVID-19 consistent symptoms such as cough, and shortness of breath. Any employee who continue to exhibit COVID- 19 symptoms after having an elevated temperature should stay home and contact the Human Resources regarding sick leave.”

    All employees shall continue to practice social distancing, staying six (6) feet away from colleagues and the public as much as possible.

    Guidance in the form of signage will be provided on the number of people permitted in an elevator at any given time. In addition, where possible, stairwells will be designated as strictly up or down.

    When at work, employees shall minimize interaction with colleagues whenever possible. For example, even if someone is in the room next to you, call them on the phone instead of walking into their office.

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  1. I wonder which department will be responsible for cleaning the streets and parks from all the disposed of masks and gloves that inconsiderate and slovenly people randomly throw on the ground.

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