“We Got Dreams” Celebrates Montclair’s Class of 2020 (VIDEO)

We told you how Montclair singer/songwriter Lily Vakili wanted to do something positive to celebrate Montclair’s graduating seniors and came up with the idea to by make them part of an upcoming music video for her newest single – “We Got Dreams.”

“’We Got Dreams‘ is about hard times and the necessity of dreams,” says Vakili. “When I wrote it, I definitely didn’t think of using it as a tribute to my daughter’s senior high school class, but over a period of weeks everything about our world seemed to change and my band decided to dedicate the song and video to Montclair’s graduating high school class.”

“We are living through a pandemic, profound economic upheaval and – following the murder of George Floyd – one of the most amazing expressions of social and political protest in recent memory. This is the world our graduating seniors are entering. The thought of it is heartbreaking in many ways, but the many peaceful demonstrations organized largely by young people offer hope. So, we’ll sing a song for them and for all of us.”

Vakili is grateful to the families who chose to participate in this project and hopes the song is a tribute to all seniors in the class of 2020.

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