Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Rainbow Experiment, Fishing, Water Bombs and More

June is here and so is the weekend! Social distancing is still the way to go so we’re back with a roundup of the best things to do with kids while safely staying at home. We scoured the internet, so you don’t have to! Enjoy!

Building a rainbow in a jar is a science experiment that’s fun to create. There are a lot of different materials that go into this, but they’re common items in most households. Various liquids are poured into a jar and they stay separate because of density. Kids can learn all about this scientific concept in and easy to visualize manner.


You can never have too many ways to create with paint. This pendulum painting activity is great for kids who like to make abstract art with no rules about how to do it “right.” You can build the pendulum out of everyday items you find at home, but the main piece will be a small paper cup with holes in it, suspended by string. Pour in some paint, swing the cup and there you have it – art! Mix up the colors, predict patterns, and just have fun.

Bigger is better and this homemade Jenga is perfect for kids to have fun safely. Cut foam board to the appropriate size and wrap it with duct tape so it doesn’t fall apart. Follow the same rules as the regular sized game. The best part is that if the whole thing topples, no one gets hurt!

If you’re looking for a more sustainable version of the water balloon, you’ll love these sponge water bombs. Grab a bunch of kitchen sponges, cut them into strips, then tie them into pompoms. Soak them in water and toss them around. They’re reusable all summer long with no prep after they’re first made. And, truth be told, you don’t even have to make the pompoms – just have a water-soaked sponge fight!

Fishing games can be lots of fun and this one is easy to make. One pool noodle transforms into a bunch of fish with the addition of paper clips, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. You’ll also need to make “fishing rods” out of sticks, string, and magnetic clips. Once everything is assembled, place the fish in a tub of water and let the kids go wild trying to catch them!


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