Bloomfield Launches Six Month Angled Parking Pilot Study

Bloomfield, NJ – In an effort to make parking safer and increase the number of available spots, the township of Bloomfield has begun an angled parking pilot study. The study will last for six months and if successful, the angled spots will become permanent.

“We are always searching for better ways to provide parking, especially in our main shopping area,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “We have seen in other communities that reverse angle parking provides a safer way to access a vehicle and exit a parking spot. One of the most important features that I saw with this new way of parking is that it’s easier and safer for parents with little children.”

In this video, Bloomfield Police Lieutenant Naomi Zepeda demonstrates how to properly pull into the new angled spots. Drivers must pull in front of the spot they wish to park in, put their blinker on to indicate they are going to park and then carefully back into the parking space.

“The parking method takes some practice and we will be assisting our residents with getting in and out of those spots,” said Township Administrator Mathew Watkins. “We will have a parking attendant at the location to assist and we have erected new signs with the hope that the benefit will pay off after the trial period.”

In a township traffic study conducted by traffic engineers, it was determined that by adding angled parking to this area, it would increase safety and open up additional parking spots. With this method of parking, car doors would no longer open towards traffic and getting out of a space will be much easier because the driver would be facing oncoming traffic. If the trial period proves successful, the township will look to expand this type of parking into other areas.

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