Brookdale ShopRite Celebrates Local 2020 Graduates with Pomp and Circumstance

On Friday, June 26th, Brookdale ShopRite honored all of the graduating high school and college seniors who work for the store by holding their own “graduation ceremony.”

With Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background, each senior’s name was read aloud, as they walked up to receive a certificate and gift card from Brookdale ShopRite owner, Neil Greenstein. The graduates then also enjoyed a mini celebration upstairs with store-baked dessert.

“We’re family here. Recognizing each other’s achievements is important to us,” said Director of Operations, Jerry Manley. “We’re proud of our graduating associates and this was our way of giving them a small piece of the senior experience they’ve missed this year.”

“During these unprecedented times, our young associates have become heroes overnight, standing strong alongside all of our other incredible, essential workers,” said Greenstein of the graduating seniors. “Their strength and resilience gives us hope for the future.”

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