Gov. Murphy To Require People to Wear Masks Outside Whenever Social Distancing Not Possible

Wearing masks outside in New Jersey in public will be required when social distancing isn’t possible to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading, Gov. Phil Murphy said Wednesday morning on Morning Joe.

Murphy announced he will sign an executive order today mandating masks indoors and outside where social distancing isn’t possible.

“There’s no question that face coverings are game changers. I think we were the first state in America to require them indoors. They’ve been strongly recommended out of doors. We’re going to turn that up a notch today and say, we’re going to ask, if you can’t socially distance that it’s going to be required.”

Murphy explained that if you are on an empty boardwalk by yourself or with your family, the answer is no.

“But if you’re congregating with a lot of other folks and there’s no social distancing, you could get at least get a warning, if not something stronger. We have to take this step, particularly given the hotspots that we’re seeing elsewhere in the country, we’ve gone through hell in New Jersey. We’ve lost over 13,000 people. We brought our numbers way down. We can’t go through that hell again.”

The CDC first recommended wearing masks in public in April.

A number of states have been mandating masks in outdoor spaces.

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