Gov. Phil Murphy Drops By As Montclair’s New Town Council Sworn in (VIDEO)

Gov. Phil Murphy drops by to swear in Sean Spiller as Mayor of Montclair

Gov. Phil Murphy couldn’t stay for the swearing in of all the members — newly elected and incumbents — to the Montclair township council, but he was on hand to swear in Sean Spiller who he described as a dear friend.

Calling Montclair one of his favorite communities in whole wide world, Murphy said it was an incredible honor and privilege to be administer the oath for Spiller.

Murphy congratulated all the others being sworn in, as well as outgoing Mayor Robert Jackson. He also congratulated Dr. Renee Baskerville on a race well run.

“Montclair is, and I don’t say this lightly, one of New Jersey’s true treasures. A vibrant community, a diverse community with active and committed residents, a strong small business sector, and a long history of progressive leadership,” Murphy said. “The task before you, my friend is, is ensure that legacy continues to thrive. You are more than up to the task.”

“We are engaged morning, noon and night in the emerging work of emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and our absolute goal and objective is to emerge stronger than before and resilient for the challenge is still ahead,” said Murphy.

“This is not a question of going back to some rose-colored place that we used to be. This is getting the state to a place that it’s never been before. We are tearing down walls at the same time, built by years, centuries in fact, of systemic racism to ensure that every resident can be an equal partner in our future, and we’re continuing our work to create a stronger and fairer New Jersey that we’ve been at since day one, long before the pandemic, that works, not just for some, but for every family in the state. And perhaps at no time in our history, has the need been stronger or more emergent for all of our shared values, indeed common goals to converge than right now.”

“I’ve always looked at Montclair as a leader among our communities,” Murphy continued. “And I know Sean under your leadership, it will continue to be just that. As you now have taken the oath, and as you now assume leadership of this historic and iconic community, you have in the governor’s office, not just friends, but partners in governing. So I look forward to my many, many, many, I hope hundreds of thousands of future visits to Montclair and watching how you and your colleagues keep this community moving forward.”

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