Montclair Street Closure of Church and South Park Streets to Resume Saturdays Through Sept. 26

After taking a pause, Montclair Center BID announced that the Township of Montclair, at the request and recommendation of the BID, will reduce the number of days for closing Church and South Park streets. The streets will be closed Saturdays only, beginning this Saturday, Aug 1, through Saturday, September 26. Church Street will be closed from 12 noon to 10 pm and South Park Street will be closed from 3 pm to 10 pm. Street closures may be canceled or delayed due to poor weather.

“We feel that one night a week will positively increase pedestrian and dining space and allow the entire team to deliver a safe and organized space for downtown Montclair,” said BID Executive Director Jason Gleason.

“​The Township understands the fluidity of the situation and fully supports ​the latest iteration of this plan,” said Mayor Sean Spiller. “We will do all we can on our part to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors to the area and increased foot traffic for the businesses.”

Pop Goes the Plaza!, DesignShed’s innovative streetscape installation for Church Street, will return as well as the distanced bistro tables on South Park to encourage visitors to bring take out from neighborhood restaurants.

South Park will also include carefully spaced outdoor tents from a rotating group of select Montclair Center retailers in the late afternoon. Masks will be generously distributed by the Montclair chapter of the NAACP from 5-9 pm presented by the Health Committee of the NAACP and MOM (Masks on Montclair).

Pop Goes the Plaza!, is the result of a design charrette led by DesignShed, with collaborators Arterial Streets, Bike & Walk Montclair, SPURSE, Storefront Mastery and MADLAB Architecture and Design.

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