Montclair to Conduct Survey of Estate Section

Montclair Township has received a grant from the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office to conduct a cultural resource survey of the Estate residential area, as indicated on a map of the area. The 2016 Historic Preservation Element of the Master Plan describes the area as follows:

The Estate Area (click for map) was developed by wealthy Montclair residents between the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. The area consists of one- to three-story single-family houses built on large lots set far back from the street. The area’s low density distinguishes it from the larger surrounding residential context. Although the Estate Area exhibits a wide range of architectural styles and features, the area reflects a unique pattern of development and siting. Prominent architectural materials within the area include wood, brick, and stucco. Common architectural styles include Queen Anne, Shingle, Tudor Revival, and Colonial Revival.

The Township retained the firm E2 Project Management, LLC to conduct the survey. Fieldworkers will be in the area starting Monday, July 13 to evaluate the buildings in the Estate area.

If you have any questions, contact the Department of Planning and Community Development at 973-509-4954 or

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