Verona Opens Town Pool, Will Montclair Follow?

VERONA, NEW JERSEY – Verona opened its pool full time for residents only, starting on July 1. The pool will remain open through Labor Day (Sept. 7). Fees were reduced for the shortened season.

Verona also implemented an Occupancy Tracker to comply with COVID-19 capacity restrictions.

Before residents get read to go to the pool, they can first check the live tracker to see what the current capacity is. Maximum stated occupancy is 550.

Montclair has not yet announced whether it will open its three township pools, but Communications Director Katya Wowk says an announcement is expected Monday.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order allowing pools to open effective June 22. West Orange opened its Ginny Duenkel pool on June 22. The maximum capacity is 600; more on social distancing and other COVID-19 regulations here.

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  1. Really? 50,000 new U.S. cases reported yesterday and the numbers continue to escalate. The ignorance is absolutely mind boggling.

  2. I think Montclair can reopen its pools with stringent, new normal pool use/rules.

    Personally, the COVID data and metrics for Montclair sucks. I’m sure there are good reasons for this situation, but the fact remains we lack the science to make an informed decision.

    Montclair has a total of 63 positive tests over the last 8 weeks…8/week avg. We have had an average of 1 death a week over the same period. We have 39,677 population. Thanks to the voting process, we know we have 32,300 registered voters in Montclair. Or is it 30,000?

    The question is what constitutes a safe reopening for Montclair? These are outdoor pools with small deck areas, small bathroom facilities, and no concessions. I would have bathing slots like restaurant seatings @ 9, 12, & 3 with 20% capacity limit. Masks around pool.

    I just can’t figure out what to do about the asymptomatic peeing and pooping.

  3. Frank, if your comment read, “I think Montclair can reopen its pools with astringents”, I’d agree with you. 😉

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