Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Virtual Events, Crafts and More

Summer is in full swing and we’re still social distancing! We’ve gathered up some ideas for weekend family fun at home. But since the weekdays and weekends are all kind of rolling together at this point, we say go ahead and enjoy some of these activities any time! But first up, some scheduled events.

On Saturday at 2:00 PM, Montclair Public Library will present a virtual program, Beginner Magic Workshop with Brian Richards. Kids can learn magic tricks with items commonly found around the house such as a deck of cards, a dollar bill, some rope, and more. This event is free; just follow the link!

On Sunday at 1:00 PM, The BeatBuds will present their first ever Virtual BeatBASH. This interactive event is family friendly and suitable for all ages. Explore a tropical island with digital touchpoints, virtual instruments, games, and music. Families and friends will be able to see each other as well. This event is free, but tickets must be reserved. Note that this is a Los Angeles-based event and the times posted on the website are Pacific Daylight Time.

Fizzy Sidewalk Paint is a fun outdoor activity for kids of all ages. It’s messy and fun, but there’s also some science in there as an added bonus. First you make the paint with baking soda, cornstarch, water, and food dye. You can mix up the paints in cups, bowls, or a muffin tin. You’ll also need a spray or squeeze bottle with vinegar. After kids paint the sidewalk or driveway, they can blast their creation with the vinegar and watch the fizzy reaction.

Do you feel like you need a stress ball? How about the kids? Here’s a little craft project that can help kids get some of their anxiety out. All you need is a balloon, something to fill it with like sand, rice or flour, and a funnel. These stress balls can also be decorated with permanent markers to add a little personality.

This is a super easy one! It’s part experiment, part craft, and it can be a great way to use up any Skittles you may have lying around so your kids aren’t eating them and pumped full of sugar. Start by arranging Skittles around the edge of a plate. Add some warm water and watch as the colors swirl. You can do this on different color plates to see how the results differ or have the kids predict what they think will happen. There aren’t really any rules on this one, so use your imagination and have fun!


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