Lidl Announces New Locations, But Montclair’s Lackawanna Plaza Not on List

Lackawanna Plaza

Montclair’s Lackawanna Plaza has been without a supermarket since November 2015.

Lidl, the German supermarket chain that was selected for the Lackawanna Plaza site, has announced the opening of 50 new stores, but Montclair is not on the list. The chain will open New Jersey stores in Park Ridge, Weehawken and Woodbridge.

The Planning Board approved the plan for Lidl in February 2019, but a One Greenwood, LLC and A Better Lackawanna, LLC filed a complaint in June 2019 against the Montclair Planning Board and the Township of Montclair regarding their approval of the Lackawanna Plaza redevelopment application.

“There is no update at this time. It’s a real shame that the project was appealed after years of work to develop a supermarket in the fourth ward for Montclair,” says Brian M. Stolar, President and CEO, Pinnacle Companies.

“Access to healthy and affordable groceries is essential to the wellbeing of our residents and therefore our community,” says Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller. “While the township does not have the authority to dictate that a supermarket be built at Lackawanna Plaza, I will continue to do everything in my power as mayor to persuade all stakeholders that one be included in any project and that it happen as quickly as possible.”

In July 2019, Hampshire & Pinnacle Companies issued a statement in response to the lawsuit. Stoler said then that “the small faction of residents suing is controlling the fate of tax revenue for 40,000 Montclair residents and thousands in the fourth ward who have told us repeatedly that they need a grocery store at that site.”

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  1. “… I will continue to do everything in my power as mayor to persuade all stakeholders that one be included in any project and that it happen as quickly as possible.”

    Tell me you really didn’t say this! Why don’t you just email the judge hearing the lawsuit so s/he can say “OMG, this Council just doesn’t get it”. Better yet, have the entire Council join you on the email…just for absolute clarity. If you get stuck on the wording, just use R-18-157 as template. And, just to be sure all understand the breadth of the Council’s persuasive powers, copy the Planning Board members the Council reappoints (or replaces).

    Absolutely, mind-boggling brilliant.

  2. They are holding off on the supermarket as a bribe to ensure quick approval of their big plans (They’ll probably get it) and have been for some 6 years now. There’s some question whether the previous supermarket – and most of the other tenants – were kicked out with the aim of making an empty albatross out of the entire complex. Along of course with Pig and Prince. The way this business got started is NJ Transit abandoning Montclair Terminal, which is essential for any responsible, environmentally friendly, etc. plan for regional transit. It certainly cost more to do it that way than it would have to restore the terminal and forgo the property acquisition involved with the Montclair Connection. The Montclair Connection modifications are so substandard and debilitating rail-transit-wise they should be removed and the original config restored – with improvements. See:

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