MFEE to Host “Remote Learning Community Think” For Montclair Families

Montclair, NJ – Montclair Public Schools has announced it will start the school year remotely in September, and for many families, there are questions: How do we do this? How do we manage childcare, education, and the stress? And how can we help others?

On Tuesday, August 25th at 7:30pm, the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) will host a Remote Learning Community Think. This virtual event will include an update on MFEE’s initial fall plans to support teachers, students and families, as well as breakout sessions where community members can provide feedback and strategize on ways to support our schools and fellow community members.

While the District, schools, teachers and families are more prepared and ready this time around, families still face many of the same challenges they faced in the spring But, with some collective strategizing and coordinated action, the community together can build some life rafts to navigate these waters with greater confidence and support.

MFEE – a fundraising and community connecting organization – is working with local partners to anticipate the most pressing needs of our students and families and activate community resources to address them, and community input is valuable. MFEE is currently working on plans to:

  • Support community partners and serve Montclair’s most vulnerable students by creating and sustaining a small network of Community Learning Partnerships: full-time in-person supervision and remote learning support for the district’s most under-resourced elementary and middle school students.
  • Build a Montclair-specific online hub for families to find other families who are interested in being part of small in-person groups for learning, socialization, enrichment, or child care.
  • Curate and host parent and caregiver support sessions throughout the school year – topics will respond to the needs of Monrclair’s parent and caregiver community, such as supporting learning at home, managing stress for kids and parents, and boosting social connections.

During this virtual event, MFEE will share more detail about these initial plans and seek community feedback through small group discussions.

When: Tuesday, August 25, 7:30PM – 9PM

Via Zoom

Please sign-up by Monday, August 24th at

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