Montclair Continues Efforts To Support Township’s Small Businesses

Montclair, New Jersey – The Township of Montclair continues its support for small businesses severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Montclair has already approved 79 Small Business Emergency Grant applications to date and the Mayor and Council were able to deliver the first funds processed through the Finance Department which continues to issue checks from the $150,000 Council-approved program to assist local businesses.

Mayor Sean M. Spiller, Councilor-at-Large Bob Russo and Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager present grant check to Chris Ioannou of Montclair House Grill. L-R: Mayor Sean M. Spiller, Chris Ioannou, Councilor-at-Large Bob Russo, Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager

Qualifying businesses will receive a $1,000 grant check to help cover costs for equipment and other necessities and expenditures related to the public health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The grants are part of the Township’s comprehensive COVID-19 recovery and business re-opening plan developed by Council with input from local business leaders.

“We are pleased to be able to provide financial aid to our local businesses to help them cover at least some of the tremendous costs they’ve incurred as a result of the pandemic,” said Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller. “Small businesses are a key part of our wonderful community. The township grants and other measures our Council is taking will provide much-needed assistance to help our local businesses get through this devastating public health and economic crisis,” he said.

Additional township business recovery efforts include:

“Our small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and our local economy,” said Deputy Mayor William Hurlock. “We applaud the tremendous efforts they’ve made throughout these difficult times and we are proud to offer our support through the small business grants and other measures we have put in place.”

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  1. The Council, County Board of Commissioners, and Rep Sherrill should look how we can leverage the NJ Commuter Tax$ave program by removing spending restrictions.

    The program allows employees to set aside pretax wages to pay for mass transit, parking & bicycle transit costs. It wouldn’t affect tax revenues even if utilization increased.

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