‘Save Our Mail! Save Our Votes!’ Protest Friday in Montclair and All Over Jersey

Hundreds of activists from a coalition of New Jersey grassroots organizations will gather outside of post offices across the state on Friday to demand full federal funding for mail services.

Organizers have expressed their alarm at repeated reports of general slowdowns in mail operations under the recently appointed Postmaster General, including disposals of automated mail sorting machines, bans on necessary postal worker overtime and reductions in delivery standards that are allowing mail to be routinely left behind on floors and loading docks.

Marcia Marley, president of BlueWaveNJ, the organizing sponsor, noted that the postal slowdowns are depriving veterans and other Americans of critical medicine deliveries, exacerbating the healthcare crisis. “And the new bottlenecks in deliveries to and from businesses are worsening the economic crisis,” Marley also pointed out.

“Worst of all, these actions against the U.S. Postal Service amount to sabotage of our free elections and threaten our democratic system. President Trump’s recent statement that he is blocking funding for our Postal Service because he doesn’t want mail-in voting to succeed — when it is the safest alternative — should fill us all with outrage.”

“Americans of every political stripe need to stand up and say that we need our post office!” “We applaud the decision of New Jersey Governor Murphy and others to greatly expand the availability of mail-in voting as a safe option for citizens during the COVID pandemic and it’s up to those in the federal government to guarantee that our Postal Service is ready to do its part,” Marley added.

All event participants must wear face masks and observe social distancing requirements.

The Montclair protest will take place Friday, August 21, at 12 Noon at the Glenridge Avenue Post Office.

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