Students For Justice, An MHS Alumni Group, Launch “Bottom Up: What’s Your Dream”

Students for Justice (SFJ), a group of Montclair High School alumni committed to protecting and investing in the lives of black femmes and LGBQTA+ individuals in the BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) community, have launched the “Bottom Up: What’s Your Dream” program fundraiser.

The year-long program seeks to provide 3-6 project and dream grants, per award period. Applicants from Essex County will be required to submit one personal, financial, academic, or professional goal, along with a one- to three-year-plan of how they will accomplish their chosen goal.

SFJ is committed to protecting, investing, and leveling the playing field specifically for black femmes and LGBTQ+ individuals. This is an opportunity for the Essex County community to show genuine solidarity with the Black femmes and LGBTQA+ people in the community through generous financial support. The campaign is available at

Applications for the program will launch by August 15th, 2020. Applications for grants will be accepted for two weeks, following the first two weeks of fundraising. The grants would start at $500 each, with a goal of increasing the number of grants given, as well as the amount, as funding increases.

Students For Justice aim to award the first round of grants by the end of September 2020.

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