Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Brady Rymer, Snowstorms, and More

Happy weekend! August is almost over, so let’s squeeze the last bit of fun out of it, shall we? We’ve found some activities and things to do that the whole family can get into. Enjoy!

On Sunday from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM, three GRAMMY nominee and children’s performer Brady Rymer will host a livestream event. Rymer teamed up with UK folk artist David Gibb to record “Songs Across the Pond.” In Sunday’s event, Rymer and Gibb will sing songs, share music videos, and talk about the process of recording the album together from New York and England. Visit Rymer’s website for more information or view the event page on Facebook.

Have you tried bubble painting? It’s super simple and perfect for any age. Add food coloring to your standard bubble liquid. Blow bubbles as you normally would, except point the bubble want at your paper. That’s it! The result will be different every time. Try blowing the bubbles from different distances, use a variety of bubble wands, or try blowing the bubbles upward and letting them fall on the paper to see what different designs you can achieve.

There’s nothing better than a craft you can play with after it’s made, and these little coffee filter dancers fit the bill. All it takes are markers, pipe cleaners, tiny elastic bands, scissors and, of course, coffee filters! Little ones will need some help with the assembly, but kids of any age can decorate the dresses. This article provides an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Once the dancers are made, make them dance!

It may still be summer, but it’s still a good time to try this Snowstorm in a Jar Science Experiment. Kids can watch weather in action and learn the science behind how it all works. You likely have the supplies in the house already or you can acquire them easily on your next grocery trip. This article will tell you everything you need to know!

This Balloon Ball Race game is a great way to develop gross motor skills. It’s also an all ages game that you can alter however you need to fit your family. Kids basically hit a balloon in the air and then race to place balls in a bucket without letting the balloon touch the floor. You can make the game to get all the balls in or just one ball at a time between balloon taps. If you don’t have any balls that work for this, try anything else – balled up socks, crumpled paper, toy cars, whatever you have on hand! No balloons? Try something else between placing items in a bucket, such as doing a jumping jack or spinning around one time. This is a great “idea game” that you can change up to keep it fun!


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