Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Pool Noodles, Rocket Science, and More!

Happy weekend! Let’s continue to have fun as we continue to social distance this summer. We’ve found some fun things happening online and a few things you can do at home at your own pace. Take a look!

The Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, CA, will host Rocket Fever 2020, which will be virtual this year. This event will be an exciting way for your space enthusiasts and budding rockets scientists to engage in online activities on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Model rocket launches will be held hourly and kids will have the opportunity to talk with real rocket scientists. For more information and the schedule, please visit the website. Note that times are listed for the Pacific time zone, so adjust accordingly.

Do you have LEGO lovers in your house? Check out this Virtual Family Lego Event hosted by HER Health Collective on Saturday at 10:00. Build, problem solve, and get creative as a family in this online competition. The winning family gets a virtual high five and bragging rights. This event is free for HER Circle members and $10 for nonmembers. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Dancing Popcorn. The name alone should be enough to hook kids into this fun science experiment. Combine the various liquids in jars, add popcorn kernels, then add a reactant and watch the popcorn dance! Kids can predict which mixture will keep the kernels dancing the longest. Learn all about it here. No popcorn in the house? Try it with rice instead.

Do the kids love sidewalk chalk, but they’ve run out of things to draw? Try decorating a sidewalk square or part of the driveway like stained glass. Use painters’ tape to create a geometric design in the area the kids will decorate. You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like. Have the kids color in each section whatever color they like. Remove the tape and marvel at the beautiful creation! This article provides instructions as well as some other fun sidewalk chalk ideas.

Pool noodles are a dime a dozen (OK, maybe not that cheap) but they are an inexpensive way to build an obstacle course for the little ones. Here’s an easy way to build a backyard full of fun using just noodles, pencils, and duct tape. Of course, you can always add in other types of obstacles, too!

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