Bloomfield Mayor Says Uptick in COVID-19 Cases Coming From Family Gatherings

Bloomfield has announced additional Bloomfield COVID-19 testing dates for residents, with testing taking place on Saturdays, starting September 19.

Mayor Mike Venezia also expressed concern on social media Tuesday about an uptick in Bloomfield COVID-19 cases in the last 10 days.

Venezia writes:

Here are two pictures of graphs. One is a seven day rolling average and as you can see we’ve seen a slight uptick in cases the last 10 days. Our health department is on top of these and from what we are seeing the majority is from family gatherings, including some from a funeral. We as a township are monitoring the cases in the hospitals in the area and they are at a minimum. Again, the more we practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash our hands and just be smart we can keep our cases at a reasonable number.

The second graph is our overall cases from March to yesterday.

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