Gov. Murphy In Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci Thursday

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will hold a live conversation Thursday (11:15 a.m.) with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a leading expert on COVID-19. Murphy and Fauci will discuss COVID-19 and its impact on New Jersey.

New Jersey has reported more than 200,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 14,000 deaths. On Tuesday, the U.S. marked more than 200,000 deaths from the virus.

Watch the virtual conversation livestreamed on Governor Murphy’s Facebook page.

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  1. It’s fascinating to me the downward spiral of the historically blue chip ‘brands’ of the Federal Government: the Senate, the FDA, and the CDC. They have just driven their broken-down, beater integrity coupe straight off a cliff. I now like the House (relatively speaking).

    Anyway, it’s a paradigm shift for me and indicates the need to transition to a smaller Federal government and a commitment to build up state governments.

    I think both of our current U.S. Senators are throwbacks who our out of touch. A smaller Federal presence – especially the bloated Executive, but also Legislative & Judicial legs of the tripod.

    If you get past the Trump phenomena and look at the big picture, I think both card-carrying Democrats & Republicans must sense the uncomfortable undercurrent. They should sense it is not working or they each are working 150% at making it work.

    It will be interesting to see how the Governor uses this talk to serve whatever his objectives are.

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