Letter to the Editor: MHS Grads Stand Up Against Culture of Sexism At Montclair High School

To state the obvious, sexism and misogyny is one of the largest problems facing modern American society. Montclair High School, even in the most progressive of communities, is not immune to this. As recent MHS graduates, we have seen both directly and indirectly how sexism and misogyny manifests itself against our classmates in our school through intimidation and peer pressure, dating violence, and even sexual harassment and assault. This pattern of uninterrupted abuse has only accelerated during our time at MHS. Therefore, we feel that we must demonstrate that this behavior is unacceptable in any community, especially in our progressive, accepting home of Montclair, and stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence.

In effect, we, the members of the Montclair High School running community have decided to raise funds for the NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault and SAVE of Essex County by holding a run-a-thon the week of Monday, September 7th. Members of the community can participate by sponsoring one of our 10 runners at a rate of your choice. By holding our run-a-thon, Miles for Survivors, the Montclair community can stand up against an unfortunately significant culture of sexism at Montclair High School and stand for our progressive values.

To donate and for more information about our run-a-thon and our designated charities please email us at milesforsurvivors@gmail.com or visit our Facebook or Instagram (@milesforsurvivors) pages.

We cannot remain complicit in accepting the greater culture of misogyny at Montclair High School. We must actively work together to create a safe and inclusive environment for the women and girls of our community.

Miles for Survivors:
Isis Arevalo and Jacob Schmeltz

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