New Jersey Secretary of State Corrects Post Office Mailer About November Election

You may have gotten the above mailer from the United States Postal Service regarding how to deliver your ballot for the November election. New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way wants you to disregard some of the information as it doesn’t apply to New Jersey voters.

Way released this info on Twitter in response to the mailer.

“You may have recently received this mailer from the US Postal Service. Please note that this mailing is not state-specific and conveys certain information that does not apply to NJ voters,” Way stated, adding:

  • There is no need to request a mail-in ballot in NJ. County Clerks are mailing ballots to every active registered voter.
  • There is no need to add postage to your ballot, as paid return postage is provided to all NJ voters.
  • Mailing your completed ballot is one of several ways to return it to your Board of Elections. You can also return it via secure dropbox, to your County Board of Elections in person, or at your polling location on Election Day.

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