Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Dinosaurs, Animals, and More

How is it already Labor Day Weekend? It’s time for a weekend of fun to mark the unofficial end of summer! Check out these events and activities we’ve found to help you have a fun time!

On Saturday, San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum will host a virtual Science & Engineering Day on the Museum’s Facebook Page. Free online activities include an education activity video, a storytime, and a blog activity. Activities begin at 1:00 PM Eastern. Visit the website for more information. Note that the times listed on the website are on Pacific Time, so be sure to add three hours to get to Eastern Time!

The Annenberg PetSpace in an “interactive place for pet adoptions, an education center, and a leadership institute” located in Playa Vista, CA. Every Saturday at 2:30 PM ET/11:30 AM ET, they host Health Center Check Up, a behind-the-scenes look at what the center does to prepare adoptable pets for their new homes.

Got a little one into dinosaurs? The Field Museum in Chicago, IL, is featuring an exhibition entitled Maximo the Titanosaur. This dinosaur is the largest one ever discovered. The website features information about him as well as pictures. Here’s the great part: Kids can actually use the chat feature on the site to ask questions to Maximo! Sit with your child as they find out everything they ever wanted to know about dinosaurs, straight from the horse’s (err… dinosaur’s) mouth!

Kids love making decorations for their rooms and home, so check out this Rainbow Sun Catcher project. It’s easy enough for the pre-K crowd and can still be fun for older kids. You’ll likely have most of the necessary items at home. Not into raindrops? No problem! You can make these in any color and shape you want!

Water balloons are fun and so is throwing things in the air, so this Water Balloon Parachute DIY should provide lots of entertainment! Simply partially fill a balloon with water and attach it to a plastic shopping bag with handles. It’s that simple! (Here’s a tutorial and the source for the idea!) Have the kids toss it up and try to catch it or let it land in the grass. More than one kid? Have them take turns tossing and catching and whoever breaks the balloon loses.


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