Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Dinosaurs, DC, and More

Happy weekend! Schools are back in session (in one way or another, at least), so that means we have to make the weekends count. It’s time to relax and have some fun. Here are some things to do with the family while you continue to social distance!

The Newark Museum of Art will host Community Day: Dino Fest/Dia de la Comunidad: Dino Fest, a daylong series of virtual programs. Enjoy a storytime, drawing lesson, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. Visit the website for registration and schedule.

Kidsverse at DC Fandome returns for 24 hours beginning Saturday at 1:00 PM ET. Enjoy LEGO activities, Ask the Titans, DC Karaoke, and more! Check out the website for the schedule and more information.

Here’s an easy craft project for kids of all ages: Crumpled Paper Art. Crumple paper and paint it, then smooth it out and do it again. Repeat until you’re done. This is good for any age and skill level. The completed papers can then be transformed into another project, used as note paper, or anything else!

These pipe cleaner animals are super cute! This article features instructions for nine different animals. Kids ages 8 and up will enjoy this most, but you can still try it with littler ones who will just need more help. Or, have an older sibling make these for a younger one to play with!

What do you get when you combine paint, cotton balls, water, and glitter in a jar? You get a fun art and science project! Called a Galaxy or Nebula Jar, it’s super easy to make and fun to watch the colors swirl. Older kids will enjoy making this in colors to match their room. Younger kids will need some help and supervision with the glass jar. People of all ages can use the jar as a meditation or focus tool for calming, too! This is also a great way to introduce space concepts to kids.



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