Bloomfield Public Schools To Stay All Remote Until January 2021

Bloomfield Public Schools had created a series of safety videos to assure families and staff of their readiness to reopen in person learning on November 30. However, Superintendent Salvatore Goncalves, in a statement Tuesday night, said the district won’t welcome students back to school until January 25 for in person learning (teachers will return for live instruction on January 19).

Goncalves suggests in his statement that teachers did not feel the district could open in hybrid mode safely.

“As your superintendent of schools, I fully recognize that I stand as your instructional leader for our approximately 6,600 K-12 pupils. However, I fully recognize that prior to teaching and learning, my first responsibility rests in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our pupils, employees, and larger extended families.

I am very proud of the work my central office team has accomplished these past seven months despite the overwhelming obstacles presented by this pandemic. Clearly, this has been an unprecedented burden that no one was prepared and no one in this community can be blamed; our role has been taking proactive measures to ensure continued safety and continuity of our teaching and learning process during the shutdown.

This stated, it has become apparent to me that members of our community, and in particular our Teachers Association, have taken exception with the assurances we have attempted to provide in terms of our environmental readiness to open up school in a hybrid/virtual model beginning on November 30, 2020. Although I recognize that nearly 400 of our fellow New Jersey operating school districts have implemented a type of live/ hybrid instruction model, I believe we have encountered an obstacle in realizing our plan to re-open in person. I am regretful yet compelled to announce the continuance of our K-12 fully virtual learning plan through the winter intersession. Please understand that I do not take any of these decisions lightly and indeed, I have my own personal frustration regarding this delay because of all the dedication and hard work my team has exhausted in the process to ensure a return to responsible live instruction.

I know that the extra time will provide the administration the opportunity to work with our contracted professionals to provide the Association leadership the opportunity to become more appreciative of the nearly $600,000 the district has already spent on PPE for returning to live instruction during this continuance of this pandemic.”

Read the entire message here.

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  1. It’s merely a target date just as November was. They can change that if warranted by actual numbers any time between now and then.
    Why wasn’t this coordinated with Montclair and other surrounding towns? Or was it but they just decided to do it while others “contemplated” acting. Considering the (possible) cases of staff in the schools I think this was a very prudent decision and one Montclair should take to heart. How many positives do we have now? How many schools have quarantined staff? How many buildings have adequate ventilation? The transparency is slightly lacking.

    Take it away Frank. My pencils are dwindling down to nothing. But I’m getting really good at crosswords.

  2. I actually can’t believe there is a conversation. Really, there was a boatload of money wasted on secondary educations in this town. Really dumb. Clearly, people need visual aids because they can’t read or do math.

    People (present company excluded), go back and look at the graph from the first half of the year. Try to educate yourselves on curves. There is a front side…and, believe it or not, a back side. No kidding. Then look at the durations. Just for kicks.

    Then, disregard, but a few questionable experts of ill repute have said the 2nd wave will be worse. So, the graph from the first half of 2020 should be smaller than the one to come. Personally, you should just disregard it. Why learn from experience? This is why we ignore history in this town – each generation is just that much smarter than the generation that is dying off.

    Just priceless.

  3. And if I have put too fine a point on setting expectations, then know this: we lack any kind of State or local level leadership AND we are screwed. It is embarrassing. Lots of Montclair people are going to suffer; really suffer.

    No one is going to bestow this generation with a Greatest Generation moniker. Just the opposite.

  4. Goooood Morning Vietnam!

    After Tuesday’s election, regardless of outcome, and if we are lucky/best case, we will start getting the really bad news.

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