Glen Ridge Residents Join Together To Get Out The Vote

Glen Ridge, NJ – Have you cast your vote yet? Maybe you and yours neighbors can meet up for a walk to the ballot box.

Some 40 Glen Ridge voters walked Monday evening from the South End of Glen Ridge, starting at Midland Ave and Carteret Street, then on to Ridgewood Avenue, all the way to the ballot box at the Glen Ridge Municipal Building.

Voters included new citizens, first time Generation Z voters and parents holding babies along with mail-in ballots.

The voters organized around a social media post Sunday proposing a group walk to the ballot box. Not a march or a protest, the walk was instead described as a way to get together and have a communal voting experience in a year where Election Day will not be traditional.

Voters wore masks and remained socially distant; the timing of the walk coincided with President Trump leaving Walter Reed Hospital for the White House.

Photos/videos/reporting: Erika Bleiberg

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