Halloween At Home: Fun, Safe Alternatives To Trick or Treating

The thought of making Halloween plans that don’t include trick or treating may seem like something you’d never imagined, but this has certainly been that kind of year. Skipping the typical activity doesn’t have to be a bummer. Instead, it can be an opportunity to try new things and create new traditions. We’ve rounded up some festive ideas for Halloween that the whole family can enjoy.

Virtual Events 

On October 31, Play-Well TEKnologies will host Play-Well at Home: Virtual Haunted House Using LEGO at 1:00 PM Eastern Time for ages 5-10. Using your own LEGO collection, an experienced Play-Well instructor will guide students to explore creative boundaries and learn new building techniques. Cost is $18.00. Register online.

Camp Supernow will host The Supernow Halloween Spooktacular at various times between October 29-31. This live virtual adventure is free and suited for kids ages 5-11. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any spookier – someone has stolen all of the Halloween candy from the Supernow Hallows Hotel! Help Maestro Hesh and Detective Tamara solve this spooky mystery on a one-of-a-kind virtual trick or treating adventure. Come ready to play tricky games, transform into different Halloween characters, and dance like silly monsters to take back Halloween! RSVP online.

Watson Adventures will host Haunted Tales: The Online Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Kids and adults team up to explore real places that are said to be haunted and learn the tales of the ghosts who linger there. Meet the host on Zoom, then head into a breakout room and use your browser-based app to follow a trail of clues across eerie websites, in search of answers to tricky questions. This game is suitable for ages 10 and up. There are games available on October 24, 25, and 31. Visit the website to sign up. Cost is $19 per person.

From 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Eastern, check out Magic for Humans (At Home) with Justin Willman – Halloween Show! Magician Justin Willman presents an all new mind-blowing and hilarious Zoom experience for the whole family, just in time for Halloween! This interactive hour of magic, comedy, and unexpected surprises is $25 per device. Buy your ticket online.

Crafts and Activities

You’ve heard of gingerbread houses in winter. This Halloween try an edible haunted house! Chocolate graham crackers create the frame and Halloween candy decorate. Hold everything together with some Halloween-colored frosting. You can make this as simple or detailed as you like. This article has some creative ideas. The best part? When it’s done, you have can have it as a snack!

Here’s a very simple craft that’s great for smaller hands – craft stick spider webs! This is as simple as gluing together three craft sticks and wrapping yarn around them. You can paint the sticks or color them with markers. Pick a contrasting color for the yarn so it really stands out. You can also attach little plastic spiders for an extra creepy effect!

Cute ghost crafts are perfect for Halloween and this painted rock ghost craft doesn’t disappoint! It’s as easy as painting rocks white then using a black permanent marker to draw on a face. There are so many facial expressions to try out, kids can get very creative here. The great thing about this project are the activities you can do before and after. Spend some time outside finding the perfect ghost-shaped rocks. That can mean just about anything, but it can certainly be fun hunting! After your rocks are dry, use them as decoration throughout the house or yard.

Mummies are another Halloween favorite as far as creatures go. These are easy to make with some empty toilet paper rolls, gauze, and googly eyes. Of course, if you don’t have any of these, you could improvise. Paint the roll, wrap the gauze, and glue on the eyes – it’s that simple! These are fun to stash around the house and surprise people, too!

Are skeletons more your favorite? Try out these pipe cleaner skeletons. Using any pipe cleaners you like, twist them up to look like a skeleton. Bend the arms and legs a little differently on each one for a little variety. You can put some string through the heads and make a garland out of them, then hang them up to watch them dance!

Halloween Eats

Start the day off with some spider web pancakes!

If you like to add fruit to breakfast, consider these strawberry ghosts (they may be more treat than breakfast, but hey, it’s a holiday!)  or tangerine pumpkins!

Looking for some savory to counteract some of the sweet? Try this Halloween trail mix.

For lunch, you might try these Waffle Mummy Pizzas or these cute Pumpkin Quesadillas.

After an afternoon of fun, the kids will be hungry again! Check out this Halloween Spaghetti! If your kids are the type who will eat veggies if you arrange them cleverly, try out this vegetable tray pumpkin.

And for dessert, try these Chocolate Candy Corn Treats.

Add some eyeballs to anything and they look creepy, and eyeballs on brownies are the creepiest!

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