New Jersey Votes To Legalize Marijuana

New Jersey woke up to a nail biter of a presidential election, but one election result is confirmed. New Jersey voted to legalize marijuana, passing Public Question 1.

Early polling had showed public support for the measure upwards of 72% and nearly three-quarters of state voters also supported ending the collateral consequences of cannabis arrests.

Gov. Phil Murphy has been a vocal advocate for legalization, calling it “a matter of social justice, racial justice, and economic justice.”

In Montclair, Dr. Renee Baskerville held a public forum on legalizing marijuana in 2019. Bloomfield Mayor Mike Venezia came out to support legalization in 2019.

“New Jersey voters have mandated an end to cannabis prohibition, and they have voiced their support for building an equitable, just market in place of unfair and outdated drug laws. Our legislators must immediately enact legislation, with a central focus on social justice and racial equity, to deliver the economic benefits and improved public safety to follow from the new law,” said NJCAN 2020 in a statement Tuesday.

Legalization will occur on January 1, 2021. The New Jersey legislature must also draft and enact a law, as well as create regulations, to govern the new adult-use cannabis industry.

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