Will Montclair Order Curfew For Non-Essential Businesses to Limit Community Spread?

As New Jersey gets slammed by a second wave of the coronavirus, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Thursday that he is signing an executive order giving municipalities and counties the option to regulate the operating hours of non-essential businesses after 8:00 p.m.

Murphy made the announcement on the same day that new restrictions for bars and restaurants limit hours of operation for indoor service went into effect.

Montclair Public Schools announced Wednesday that all schools would remain on remote instruction, citing risk of community spread and rising COVID-19 cases in the township.

Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Ponds said, in an email to families, “based on regional risk factors and in close consultation with the Montclair Health Department, our school doctor and medical team, we are unable to commence in-person instruction on November 16. Unfortunately, the data I received this morning demonstrates an increase in community spread of COVID-19.”

Given concerns about increased community spread in Montclair, Baristanet asked township officials if Montclair would impose any further restrictions.

The Township said it is reviewing Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 195 and the current circumstances to which it may be applicable in Montclair. In light of the dangers posed by COVID-19 and, given the State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency which are still in effect, the Township will take any action deemed necessary and appropriate to limit community spread and to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

“Our Office of Emergency Management has worked hard to take actions to ensure the safety of all our residents,” noted Mayor Sean Spiller. “I am confident that this additional potential tool will be utilized as appropriate to continue to protect against this virus.”

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  1. Maybe Audible.com could issue some freebies on leadership during a crisis.
    Winston Churchill was not a natural leader and orator, but I don’t recall him ever quoted saying, “what he said”.

  2. Frank, Montclair was not very kind to Don and Leslie. Don took his ball and went to Newark where is he has done some fantastic work. Bravo…Newark’s gain was Montclair’s loss. Oh well, one less rich old white guy to kick around.

  3. Oh, those were some good times for everyone. One of the biggest sh*tshows to hit this town in a very long time. Do you remember when the MPSD offered the MEA members money to create standardized tests when the MEA objected to standardized tests? And then everyone started playing their diversity versions of suburban hardball? We even made The NY Times a few times. God, we were all that & a big bag of chips. Back then the Achievement Gap was small compared to what everyone let it grow in to now. Oh yeah, we doubled down on mediocrity and called it equity.

    Anyway, I just thought Don would have some fun with the Mayor’s Amazon Prime membership and surprise him with a few book credits – redeemable only in the Leadership Section.

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