Could Montclair’s Sean Spiller End Up As Biden’s Education Secretary?

Sean Spiller was sworn in as Montclair’s mayor back in July, but could he get called to a higher office before his first year on the job?

First, there were those rumblings of a possible run for New Jersey Governor in 2025, when Politico wrote about Spiller headlining a planned fundraiser for Toni’s Kitchen.

Now, multiple sources say Spiller, who is vice president of the New Jersey Education Association, has given the state’s congressional delegation a heads up that he’s interested in the position of U.S. Secretary of Education under a Joe Biden administration, according to Politico:

It was not immediately clear if Spiller has been in touch with the Biden transition team, but those with knowledge of the process told POLITICO Spiller has already notified the New Jersey federal delegation and Gov. Phil Murphy that his name may be floated.

You’ll recall it was Spiller’s dear friend Governor Phil Murphy who was in Montclair back in July to administer the oath for Spiller.

“I’m honored even to be mentioned for the position,” Spiller said in a statement to Baristanet. “Nonetheless, my focus is on my advocacy for the students of New Jersey and serving the residents of Montclair. I look forward to supporting President-elect Biden and his bold student-centered education agenda.”

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  1. You have to be kidding. Our esteemed mayor floats his name for a position only he thinks he is qualified for, leaks the “news” to the press, then says he is “honored” to be considered but that his focus is on his other 2 jobs, one of which he appears to have little inclination or aptitude for. (But bravo, he did cancel his inperson fundraiser for his new PAC at the last minute.) Mr. Mayor- we are in the middle of a pandemic! Please pay attention to your constituents- including the hard working taxpayers of Montclair. We deserve better.

  2. Dec 31: China alerts the W.H.O. they have an epidemic. It’s New Years Eve.

    Jan 11: China publishes the COVID-19 genome sequence.
    Mid-Jan: State of NJ starts active preparations for response to the China outbreak.
    Jan 30: The W.H.O. issue a worldwide alert (a PHEIC).

    Feb 10: The W.H.O. announces cases outside China.

    Mar 9: Murphy issues State of Emergency.
    Mar 10: Council goes off-agenda and introduces unreconciled versions of rent control ordinance.
    Mar. 11: The W.H.O. upgrades threat to a pandemic on.

    I found out NJ started preparing when many others did – today at Governor Murphy’s press conference…starting about 3mins in.

  3. Please find my application for Secretary of Education of the United States attached.
    Passions: teachers’ union, rent control, sports
    Motto: it takes a judge to stop me
    Copied: Politico

  4. Delusional.

    Sean Spiller said and did nothing during the entire time our Board of Ed was imploding back in 2012 to early 2015. From the Penny McCormack testing fiasco. We lost years then under appointed Superintendent McCormack because residents and teachers directly fought our Board of Ed supported Gov. Christie/Rand Academy policy of teaching to PARC tests. Which were really created to weaken the teachers union. And which McCormack was brought in to run.

    But Spiller was silent. Said and did nothing publicly about this until the Council decided to finally stop that holdover BOE — made up of still mostly Mayor Jerry Fried appointed education “reformers”. Eventually, the 2012 Town Council refused to let them conduct a resident witch-hunt investigation of residents in 2014, using the municipal computer server. Where the Board’s email traffic was stored.

    The Jackson-Spiller Council then finally told them to back off. Until then, Spiller and others still on the Council today never intervened. For more than two years. No leadership. Our kids were the big losers as the schools went into complete disarray. Taxpayers even faced a $13 million dollar McCormack budget deficit after. On top of her testing debacle. And once that came out, she ran for the hills. Quit.

    But the battles could have been stopped much sooner by a Council that was really involved.If they understood what was really going on with education and cared enough to do something about it. Not just play it safe.

    Teacher’s union rep Spiller never even tried to use his position when asked to help parents and lead us out of the mess. He and others still on the Council stayed publicly silent. Did nothing. Even though the Council ultimately controls school budgets. And their intervention was directly requested by parents constantly. Was needed. Instead, heads in the sand. Until parent pressures became too much and the Councilors themselves now faced being blamed for inaction in the next coming election. Then, they acted.

    The takeaway…being MIA when it counts, is not a good resume for Secretary of Education.

  5. Or was being quiet his way to stay under the radar? Yeah, I think that’s more likely. Gather titles without doing any real work as he tries to raise money to advance his political career. Gross.

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