Montclair Families To Also Rally Saturday To Protest School Closures

A group of South Orange Maplewood families have planned a rally Saturday to protest schools closed to in person learning. Now a group in Montclair has announced they will also rally this Saturday, December 12, at 10 a.m., joining other locations around the country and New Jersey holding Open Schools Weekend rallies.

According to the group Montclair Families Advocating for In Person Learning (FAIL), they will rally to open schools for full time in-person learning January 4th, 2021. Montclair Schools had announced they would not open until January 25 at the earliest, starting with elementary and special education students.

The rally is part of a national Rally to Open Schools Weekend happening in multiple locations around the country, including other towns in New Jersey.

Montclair FAIL invites Montclair Public School students, families, teachers and staff to attend.

In order to social distance, groups will gather at multiple locations in central areas around Montclair. These locations are Edgemont Park along Valley Road, Porter Park and the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and North Mountain Avenue by the Montclair Art Museum.

For more information, follow @MontclairFAIL on Twitter and on Facebook @Montclair Families Advocating for In Person Learning>,

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  1. I appreciate everyone’s frustration but to me the people who need to be influenced are the teacher’s union. Whatever page the union is on is the page we are all on.

  2. Interesting protest. Btw, it’s not @failmontclair but @montclairfail. So let’s see now we have exactly how many staff testing positive even without students in the buildings? The latest from MHS. I presume that all of the protesters have volunteered to be aides in the schools they want open, right? I guess they can open the one and only school that is equipped with proper ventilation (Bullock) and perhaps the new addition at Bradford, and isolate a wing to place all the students and Fail parents in along with any administrator and teachers that should get extra pay for putting their lives at risk.

    I’m not sure how the union comes into this discussion since they are pretty much clueless and toothless. Does anyone pay attention to them any longer? But I digress. How about Dr. Ponds makes a decision, like Paterson schools just did, and close for the year or at least until every teacher and administrator can get both doses of vaccine? This is a lost year and that’s what the union can focus on. How do we safely open next fall, get us a list of what has been done in each and every school to protect those entering the buildings, get us a running count of how many in each building have tested positive and how many have and continue to need to quarantine.

    How about it @FailMontclair make yourselves useful and team up with other towns to make our schools safe for entry and teaching. Marching in beautiful weather is … well getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. Team up with the union and speak with building engineers and scientists and educators and get something done. Until you do that no one will care how many signs you make and how many children you have holding them. /rant I know you are frustrated but put that to actual work that will help all of us. You’ll see how many more participants you will have working towards a common goal.

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