Calling All Small Businesses! Sign Up At Montclair COVID Task Force

Are you the owner of a small business in Montclair? Montclair’s Small Business COVID Task Force is taking action to help small businesses, but getting on their list is the key to getting the help you need.

The Small Business COVID Task Force is creating a comprehensive list of all the businesses in Montclair, across all business districts, from the South End to Upper Montclair.

This master list will allow the Task Force to quickly share important information to these businesses including leads on new grants; instructions on how to fill them out, etc.

The Small Business COVID Task Force has also created a private Facebook group for all small business owners in town to disseminate information. The Facebook group is called @Montclair NJ Small Business: COVID-19 Support and can be found here.

The mailing list and the private Facebook group will also allow businesses to share best practices, a timesaver for busy business owners and a valuable resource network to share information and learn from each other.

Some businesses have already signed up, either by responding to an email, or after being approached by the Task Force’s committee members, who have been walking the business districts and canvassing all small businesses to encourage them to get on board.

Sign Up Now

If you are a small business in Montclair, all you have to do is click the link below. Answer a few brief questions and then you will be automatically added on the mailing list.

Another way to join the list in scanning the QR code below. Join now and don’t miss out on help and support from the Small Business COVID Task Force and your local business community.

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