Letter to the Editor: Councilor Calls On Montclair Republicans to Repudiate Trump

I was shocked to see the chaos and lack of respect for our national capitol by the rioting mob on Wednesday, which was clearly responding to all the negative comments and direction from the President. I think he should immediately resign, be removed by the VP & Cabinet, or be impeached by the Congress. I also hold responsible for encouraging this very hostile and violent behavior, the members of the House of Representatives who voted to overturn the votes of Pennsylvania & supported the Texas challenge to six states votes. They should not have even been seated this past week, as demanded by Congressman Pascrell.

I call upon all of the more moderate, traditional, good Republicans in Montclair to repudiate this shameful conduct and continued conspiracy theory talk by President Trump and the majority of the Republican members of Congress.

I always teach my college Poli Sci students that there was once a positive relationship between many more moderate and even progressive Republican leaders in Congress, and that the Republican Party historically produced some of our greatest Presidents in Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, far more liberal than the very right- wing leadership we see today. What happened to THAT Republican Party, which my father believed was a more progressive, cooperative group of leaders in the tradition of NJ Governors Tom Kean and Christie Whitman. My Dad loved Ike, who was the commanding General he served under when we fought the Nazis in WWII, and he would condemn the modern day Nazi-like crowd which invaded & ransacked our Capitol this week. It’s time for all REAL, Traditional Republicans to join Democrats in putting an end to the Trump “steal” of their once decent political party!

Bob Russo is an At-Large Councilmember of the Township of Montclair.

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  1. “shameful conduct and continued conspiracy theory talk by President Trump and the majority of the Republican members of Congress.”

    Much, much better. Glad you added this not so little detail. Also, very glad you broke from that “healing stuff” group sentiment in the Council statement. That phrasing was not representative of the Montclair I know.

  2. My mistrake, but I thought we had a nonparitisan form of local government- no republicans, or democrats, but elected residents concerned not with party politics, but with local issues. These issues must be too boring for them. At least that explains why there has been almost no mayor and council response to the pandemic, how it is efffecting the municipal budget, real estate taxes our citizens, and small businesses.

  3. Why would local politicians care about local issues?? The tactic of pointing fingers at other’s sins so people ignore your own only lasts so long. The current administration will be gone soon then what? Who do we blame then? I guess we have to wait until the media tells us sheep what to think. In the meantime I will being listening to Money Talks by AC/DC to get a head start on the next narrative.

  4. It’s amazing how many people, near & far to me subconsciously define the virus almost totally in local terms. It’s not even shades of gray. A lot are educated. Many are highly educated people. Not just your pedestrian undergraduate Ivy Leaguers, either.

    “It’s not here.” Local. “It is here.” Local. “Do nothing.” Local. “Do this or that.” Local. “I’m safe.” Local. “I’ll do this for you/you’ll get this.” Local.

    Highly focused, & directly in front of us. More than usual. At least our physical world.
    The larger world? More abstract? Nah, too…whatever. No, it’s another place that we are less and less connected to. It’s not wrong, it is just different.

  5. Completely agreed, Seriously.
    So funny, Flipside. I will listen to AC/DC, which was a little too heavy for my state of mind back in the day. My own M.O. recently has been to re-read ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ and rifle through the pages to see what chapter we’re living in. I think the sections where government employees & officials tell the citizenry what to say & do is more part of Orwell’s work than Huxley’s.

    Hope I don’t get sent to a re-education camp for using the word ‘rifle.’

    Happy New Year, Baristaville, Councilman Russo, & Montclair! Hang in there.

  6. All PR is good PR. Thanks, Mr. Russo. Most folks don’t know that there are Republicans in Montclair. They tend to value liberty, economic opportunity, personal responsibility, and the U.S. Constitution. They keep things simple.

    Those Montclair conservatives & libertarians interested in associating with like-minded people can email us at montclairrepublicans@gmail.com.
    Those non-Montclair, area conservatives & libertarians interested in associating with like-minded people can email Essex County NJ Republican Women (& Men) at ECNJRW@gmail.com.

  7. Yet neither “montclairrepublican” or “maureenedelson” will respond the actual request of the letter and repudiate the treasonous acts of their President. Tell us please, how do you stand?

  8. What did I say…it’s all local. People can’t help themselves. Me. Money. That’s even simpler to live life by. Just ask our clergy.

  9. And flipside said as much with his view many Montclairions/Americans are living in a bubble. If he wanted to be direct, he would have said do not ever underestimate the lengths humans will go, especially under the extremes of duress or arousal.

  10. The traditional, mainstream Republicans just capitulated…which leaves the ones who believe in the Constitution on the outside, looking in.

  11. That’s fine Frank, but we still have not heard how the local Montclair republicans stand. They are cowards.

  12. “…we still have not heard how the local Montclair republicans stand.


    I’m still waiting for any leader in the Executive Branch telling us where they stand! Call me crazy or my priorities out of whack, but I don’t care, at all, what local Republicans that are defending their party think. Is there a reason why I should?

  13. Republican citizens of Montclair owe Bob Russo exactly nothing. No statement, no contrition, no obeisance. You yearn for a Republican party that had ‘decency’. In other words one cowed, corrupt, and acquiescent to the demands of the progressive hyper majority.

    To that I say: Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

  14. I’m no fan of Russo, but he has a point here, as does spookyt. The local republican folk always seek to keep everyone guessing where they stand. Where’s the harm in saying where you stand on the Big Lie that there was any reason to doubt that we had a free and fair election nationally? Some might say you could be on the leading edge of helping to define a new party that doesn’t revel in all the awful characteristics the current lame duck brought to the party. Alternatively, you could just say you support Cruz and Hawley so we can know not to waste our time at your offers to join you for a “civil” discussion. JB

  15. jonbonesteel – “The local republican folk always seek to keep everyone guessing where they stand.”

    Thank you! There is at least one poster on this page that meets exact that description. Like all here, he knows who he is.

  16. IGNORING the continuous attempts to selectively edit and twist the president’s words and statements in an effort to blacken his character; IGNORING the continuous threats of physical violence against the president, his family, and even his grandchildren made by “celebrities”; IGNORING the incitements to civil unrest and outright disobedience to multiple local, state, and federal laws by numerous elected Democratic officials; IGNORING the massive evidence of widespread voter fraud in this presidential election, the refusal of the anti-Trump mainstream “news organizations” to present this evidence to the public, and the refusal of the courts to pursue legal remedies against it; and IGNORING the complete lack of any evidence that the president’s speech incited anything beyond a “peaceful and patriotic” protest at the Capitol; Robert Russo asks us to “repudiate” the president. Perhaps the citizens of Montclair would be better served by their at-large councilman if he were to first repudiate the ongoing uncivil, illegal, and outright deranged actions of the Democratic Party and its supporters and backers.

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