Montclair Business Owners Start Petition In Response to Midtown Lot Closure

A group of Montclair business owners, who have spoken out about the impact the closure of the Midtown Parking Lot would have on their businesses, have started a petition “Support Montclair Small Businesses” and are asking the Township of Montclair to address these four issues:

  • Do not close the Midtown lot on Glenridge Ave until the parking decks on South Fullerton and South Willow are fully operational
  • Guarantee adequate replacement parking spots in the new decks (300 spots were lost between the three closed lots) at municipal rates, until the developer completes construction of the Glenridge Ave deck
  • Offer small businesses and restaurants an alternative to having dumpsters or garbage piled in front of their buildings for the duration of the construction
  • Create a small pedestrian walkway along the edge of the Glenridge lot to allow pedestrian access from Glenridge Ave to Bloomfield Ave, just as a pedestrian walkway was created along the edge of the construction between Seymour and South Willow streets.

The Township of Montclair, after announcing on December 24 its plans to close the lot on January 4, has been following up with the affected businesses, but has not indicated whether it would delay the closure.

The petition also states:

We are an integral part of the Montclair community. We are your friends, family, and neighbors. We help make Montclair the special town that it is. We are asking for your support to ensure that our customers and Montclair residents are not gouged for parking on their own land, and that small businesses are given a fighting chance to survive.

Thank you for your support and patronage, from the undersigned small businesses of Bloomfield Avenue and Glenridge Ave.

Cameron Animal Hospital
Diamond Cycle
Studio 42
Red Star Paint
Trend Coffee House
Fumé Cigar Shop
Greenleaf Café Eclectic
Parlor Hair Studio
and many others

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  1. I just love this town! Blah, blah, blah. Did anyone – anyone at all – stop for one moment and wonder why the developers are building a $9mm parking deck for us and not asking for a dime of its revenue? They think we are swell and this is their way of showing appreciation of how great we all are. Or, you could read the contract we signed. Nah, they just love us.

    Stuff like this just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. And BikeMontclair. Thank you.

  2. And the merchants have won a great victory in delaying this a week! A great victory. Kudos all around!

  3. The original 11 Seymour St metered spots were required to be replaced in the West Parcel Deck. Further, 60 permits spaces were required to be place within either the East/West Parcel Decks. The really funky part – which the Township did all on their own – was to take much the most convenient retail parking lot downtown, and it’s 43 spaces, with direct access to the petitioners – Cameron, et al, – and make it permit parking! C’mon! Stupid is as stupid does. We had a perfect location for those seniors bringing their sick pets to Cameron and we gave the spaces to long-term parking. Long term parking in a prime surface lot. Really. That was the concept. I’m guessing someone in the government doesn’t like you guys.

  4. If this is possible, I am sure the Township can resurrect the 65,000 square foot, big box supermarket idea. That idea would displaced Valley & Bloom 3-times over as the biggest blot on Montclair Center. But, the execution of the parking plan on the Seymour A&E District gives me hope we can really top ourselves with Lackawanna Plaza. I hope we don’t forgo the covered curbside pickup capacity and the gospel according to pedestrian safety advocates. Yup. Vision.

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