Montclair NAACP To Hold Elections January 15

The Montclair Chapter of the NAACP will be holding elections for Officers and the Executive Committee on January 15th, 2021. All active members as of December 15, 2020 will be eligible to vote. The election will be conducted by officials of the National Office of the NAACP. The Election will be held virtually between the Hours of 9 AM and 7 PM on January 15, 2021 using the Election Buddy System. All active members will be notified via email with voting instructions. To confirm your membership status please contact Quincy Bates at

Applications to run for a position as an Officer or on the Executive Committee of the Montclair Chapter must be submitted by January 12, 2021. For eligibility information and/or obtain a petition to run for an elected position of the Chapter, please contact Quincy Bates at

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