Montclair Residents Plan To Celebrate Biden-Harris Inauguration

The scene on Church Street on the day the Biden Harris victory was announced.

Montclair, NJ – Back in November, after days of waiting for final election results, Montclair celebrated the Biden-Harris win with an impromptu party on Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue, featuring cheering and horn honking that lasted for several hours.

Today, on Inauguration Day, a group of Montclair residents, organized by Bradley Grove Hyson, plan to celebrate again, starting at 4:30 p.m. on Church Street. Hyson shared this Facebook event, and writes:

If you were inspired by the jubilation & natural expressions of joy that happened in downtown Montclair on the Saturday the election was finally called, we invite you to GATHER SAFELY to celebrate this beginning of a new chapter for our nation.

COVID SAFETY IS MANDATORY!!!! Anyone sick or known to be exposed please do not attend. Masks & social distancing a must!!!!

We invite you to dress for celebration as you feel called (COSTUMES WELCOME), and bring your own signs & appropriate merry making items, along with your dancing shoes as we boogie down under the January skies.

PLEASE SHARE – we welcome your help spreading the word.

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    The Chinese government is funny this way. The President should make it personal in return. I fear he will turn the other cheek. And the Roosevelt carrier strike group should turn around and hang off the cost line of mainland China. The Straight is not strategic.

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