Mayor Spiller: Montclair Will Not Be Intimidated by White Supremacists

Montclair, N.J. – Mayor Sean Spiller has released a statement regarding the appearance of “The Patriot Front” in Montclair. Stickers from the group have been reported by residents to Montclair Police, with instances including May 2020 and September 2020.

Over the course the last several months a group called “The Patriot Front” has been affixing propaganda stickers throughout Montclair. The Patriot Front is a white supremacist, neo-facist, and anti-Semitic organization, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a Neo-Nazi group.

The views of this hateful and dangerous organization are the antithesis of everything for which Montclair stands.

Montclair is known nationally as one of the foremost progressive American communities.
Our commitment to progressive values sets us apart and makes us the envy of municipalities across the country.

We are not immune however to the scourge of violent extremism that has poisoned our national discourse.

However, our diverse community shines as an example of everything this group is against.
Montclair will not stand silently by while our community is defaced by these anti-democratic terrorists. We will not be intimidated. We will not give in. We must declare in a unified and powerful voice that hate has no place in Montclair.

The horrific insurrection at our Capitol on January 6th underscores the urgency with which we must confront violent white-nationalism, and the very real threat these types of organizations pose to our society.

I have communicated my deep concern about the severity of this issue to our local police department as well the NJ Office of Homeland Security.

Our police department in Montclair has been tracking the locations of “Patriot Front” propaganda stickers throughout the township and removing them whenever they become aware of a new location. The Montclair police have also referred the matter to the Office of the Essex County Prosecutor and the Regional Operations Intelligence Center and will in coordination with their county and state partners take all appropriate steps to investigate this serious matter.

As your mayor you have my commitment to always stand up for our values, and to always stand up to anyone who would seek to undermine them.

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  1. I personally will not be intimidated by a sticker from any group including Green Peace!! Bring it on! Hate has no home here! Bravery and valor in Montclair sure is a low bar.
    In the meantime someone smashes the door of Belgiovine’s pretty much in view of the police station, robberies reported every week some armed, discontent by everyone with the school system, and on and on, and the mayor does a Gen. Patton about the attack of the killer stickers. As anyone even seen one?
    Quick duck! They are shooting at the oil cans! They hate the oil cans!

  2. I, for one, acknowledge and appreciate Mayor Spiller’s repudiation of white supremacy and his condemnation of hate stickers found in the 4th Ward in recent months placed by the neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic The Patriot Group. His stance on and continued commitment toward Montclair’s values is an important declaration to those of us with shared principles . . . false equivalencies and the need to be “shown” the evidence not withstanding.

  3. Yup. Oh those rascally liberals. Rightfully impeach a sitting President, but will you censure a sitting President for the pardon of murderer of Khashoggi? Nah. It’s complicated. National security implications. Power shifts. And a little oil.

    I get it. Practical. But, why bother? Seriously, and I hate saying this, but the Trump & Pompeo approach was the right call if we are not going to sanction the person who ordered it.

    Maybe, instead of Trump’s border wall, the Democrats can invest in a privacy fence around the very crowded moral high ground. That would be great!

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