Montclair Councilman Peter Yacobellis To Host Virtual Town Hall

Montclair Councilor-At-Large Peter Yacobellis will host his first virtual Town Hall since taking office On March 17th at 7 p.m. All Montclair residents are invited to attend and ask questions.

“Last May Montclairions from all four wards elected me to represent them on our Township Council. As I promised to do throughout the campaign, it remains my intention to be available to residents as much as possible and to do my best to answer questions and be engaging,” says Yacobellis. “While I cannot speak on behalf of our government, I welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts on any issues that residents want to raise in the conversation.”

Residents can RSVP at:

Residents who RSVP will receive a Zoom link within 24 hours of the event.

Questions can be sent in advance to or asked during the event.

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  1. I think the Council needs to be instructed once again on proper procedures for Executive Sessions. Monday’s meeting did not follow proper procedures as you adjourned the meeting in private. OK, not a big deal, but the prior meeting you followed a different procedure and also passed an off-agenda resolution. This Council and prior Councils have had ongoing issues with OPMA procedures signaling the need for ongoing remedial check/training.

    I’m also glad to see a greater frequency of Executive Sessions as they are generally a good thing. A lack of them is a troubling indicator.

    BTW, I appreciated your comments and sincerity on the topic of rent control.

  2. Your meeting is on St Patrick’s Day so I thought I would share my thoughts & concerns here.

    You know that 15,000 apartments in Montclair statistic your partner TOOM cited and I have been going to town over? Well, I thought about it some more. I also duly noted your Housing Commission warning people about the Federal Fair Housing Law requirements. But, Co-Chair Malloy did not warn the Council about violating the FHL. And then I made the connection.

    We, the Township, are violating the FHL.
    We created a minority class of landlords for the purposes of applying unequal treatments by neighborhood, race and age. I didn’t appreciate it at first, but when the 15,000 apartment number went unchallenged, I asked myself why it wasn’t challenged. It our local equivalent of saying “Trump won” / “Ya know, good people need to stand up for the truth” kinda stuff. And then, making matters worse, it is clear this matter is personal now with only pockets of objectivity.

    I’m very concerned. Federal lawsuits and actions are much more costly. Way more than the options before the Council. If I can see a FHL exposure, then I think the plaintiffs have figured this out ahead of us….which may explain some of their bravado, and a possible Plan B.

    With my newfound clarity on the error of my previous position, I would recommend you look objectively at establishing 100% rent control.
    Gasp! OMG! When your colleagues are done, challenge them to make the case without the drama.

    I suggest exploring trading breadth over depth. Keep it simple; less is more. We can do simple well. You were not around for the last Federal lawsuit, but the order is still in place. We have a legal predisposition of going down with the ship. We can’t help ourselves. We can do the right thing without a Federal dictate. Just remember that 15,000 apartment number.

    Anyway, just some thoughts as I can not attend. Thank you for making your Town Hall an ‘open to all topics’ format. It seems your colleagues are trying to limit theirs to single-topic agendas. That’s too bad. Nine months in. COVID to boot. Open to listen allocation?

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