Montclair Crime: Suspicious Incident Reported at Lululemon

The week in Montclair crime from Sergeant Terence Turner, Montclair Police Department:

Suspicious Incident
February 10, 2021 (Bloomfield Avenue): The manager at Lululemon reported that two unknown males entered the store separately and acted in a suspicious manner. The first male entered the store and started to grab random clothing from around the store and appeared to be using it to conceal a phone and was taking photos. The male made his way from the front of the store to the rear by the dressing room area. The complainant stated that the unknown male was discovered in a fitting room without being assisted by a team member, against store policy. When questioned, the male stated that he was sent by the property owner to complete a work order. When asked if he could produce one, the male stated he could not and could not provide a name of the property owner. The complainant stated that the male was rambling on about “painting the door, squeaky hinges, and other general work,” but seemed frantic in his answers. The unknown male then proceeded to walk around the store unattended and was later discovered by the rear of the store appearing to want to access the employee only section. The unknown male left shortly after being confronted. A short time later, a second unknown male entered the store. The second unknown male was greeted by staff upon his entrance and acted in a similar fashion as the first unknown male. It is unknown if the two males are related or know each other. The second male also grabbed several items and appeared to be taking photos of the store with the items concealing his phone. When approached by staff, the second male suspect became irritated and left the store without incident. The first male was described as a thin, 5’9″ tall, wearing a gray ‘Carhart’ hooded sweatshirt and jeans. The second male was described as large build, 5’10” tall, wearing a letterman jacket, beanie, and Adidas sneakers. Nothing was reported missing from the store.

February 12, 2021 (Elmwood Avenue): The resident reported parking her vehicle in her driveway at 7 PM and when she returned to it at approximately 8:30 PM she discovered the drivers side door was ajar and a single Adidas slipper was next to the door. Nothing was reported missing.


February 14, 2021 (Bloomfield Avenue): The victim reported that while inside the Shell Station playing a scratch off lottery ticket, an unknown person stole her cellphone off of the counter.
The phone was a blue iPhone 12 Pro valued at $1500.00.

February 12, 2021 (Gates Avenue): The victim reported parking her vehicle in a common parking lot at 8:00 AM. When she returned to the vehicle at 1:30 PM she discovered numerous scratches across the hood of the car.

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