Montclair Store Selling Mugs That Let You Sip Away Your Parking Frustration

Montclair, N.J – White Rabbit Black Heart has a way with words. We loved their interactive storefront display that gave people a chance to share or vent while the store was closed during the early days of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Now the boutique, in addition to all its other lovely gift ideas, has a Montclair centric product plenty of us can relate to.

“We created the mug for fun,” says owner Paul Giordano of the
Parking in Montclair Sucks mugs for sale at the store.

“Parking has always been a issue,” says Giordano, adding that when customers would come in and say “parking in Montclair sucks,” he would always say “I’ll put it on a mug.”

He finally did and now, out of the 96 ordered, the store has about 20 mugs left after just a month.

More about the mug from White Rabbit Black Heart:

White Rabbit Black Heart, 219 Glenridge Ave., Montclair, 973-746-4200

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  1. Yeah, when the Council leases 30 spaces, in perpetuity to a developer owned by the California Teachers Pension Fund, at a cost of township subsidized parking rates…and wait for it, wait for it…the developer leases 20 spaces back to the Montclair Police Department!

    That issue aside, I would not want to be one of these members of those meticulous review entities over the V&B Deck, e.g. the DRC, the EDC, the Township’s & PB Consultants, the PB Revisions Subcommittee, etc. Just remember one thing: this is not structural.

  2. Interesting aside, the company that made the mugs has a 400 mug minimum. White Rabbit Black Heart argued that many people will share their mugs, and they commissioned a study by a reputable housewares consultant that demonstrated that 400 people would actually need 133 mugs and that the 3X exposure would drive future sales. They also bought a few other items and after checking with their counsel, argued to reclassify some of these as mugs. So with the reclassification and the shared mug usage data, the supplier allowed the 96 mug purchase.

    As we learned reading this story, the store now needs more mugs.

  3. And Monday night the Magical Parking Deck capacity increased from a 700-space deck to almost an 800-space capacity. See how they did that? You had to pay very close attention. I’m impressed, but I’m thinking the engineers will be nonplussed.

    And they’re taking out the steel cross-beams. And the facade had to be redesigned several times because it max’d out over the load rating. And while this application is being positioned as a modification to the internal components, there is a new roof. A fairly big roof. A roof derived from variances, but without the public benefit of solar panels. Yup, we can put solar panels on ugly school buildings, but 6K SF is not enough room to put panels on an ugly parking structure.

    Just approve it and, to your point townie, we can issue new mugs to memorialized what hopefully is part of the Gateway 1 Redevelopment Area denouement.

  4. I don’t blame the Planning Board if they don’t know up from down. They have to be totally disoriented by now.

    The parking expert’s best testimony of the evening was, if truth be told, that the parking deck didn’t need to be expanded!

    Yes, if it was just left as the Township bought it (back in 2010?), it can satisfy all the 2021 parking needs of the Gateway 1 Redevelopment Area. All 254 apartments, all 154 hotel rooms, all the restaurants, the bars and function rooms, 40K(?) of commercial space, 48 Township parking spaces and 20 MPD parking spaces.

    I told you it was just such a magical parking deck.

    Great. Close the book. Turn off the lights. We’ll send you a blank approval resolution. See you at Gateway 2. Y’know, the police department building?. It is not getting any younger. And I am now at a point where I am more than fine demolishing the police station. That historical thing is more trouble than it is worth….and I don’t even like its design.

  5. And you gotta love the Planning Board. A capitalist island in the Communist sea that is Montclair.

    They Webex’d almost complete consensus Monday that sustainability and climate change were not pressing priorities for them to deal with. They could even wait until after 2030 to address it. No kidding. They were focused on land use and development vis a vis growth. New zoning rollout next month to maximize land use and regulate front yards. Have you ever asked yourself all that drives us – in the scheme of important things – to strictly regulate front yards? Did you know if your property was approved for x-amountof sf of lawn, you couldn’t change it without a variance? I didn’t. I now understand the leaf blower issue much better.

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